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 How to make CFG

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PostSubject: How to make CFG   Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:12 am

so many people asked how to make CFG so i gonna write about it ,

what u need for CFG making is : NotePad program

i use Notepad Portable download here ------>



When u downloaded and u installed then open it

so u copy this --->

set gs1 "vsay greatshot ^0N^7ice Owning Work [D]! ; set greatshot vstr gs2

set greatshot "vstr gs1"
bind m vstr greatshot

and copy to NOTEPAD

and then u must delete the old text (^0N^7ice Owning Work [D]!) and remake to ur text with colours

and ofc change the Bind button to your own button ( which u want )


if u ready with Editing , u must save ur file so click on Save As

then save to Etmain with your name

like crush.cfg

be easy name

when u go to ET do /exec your cfg name to console

and your CFGs are loaded



thats the same with other binds too

also dont forget to add this :

say ^0.^zT^_u^zC^0#^1-^z$h^_!^zro^2+ ^mCFG Loa^1ded!

this is the Say thing , when u write to console /exec mogyi ( your cfg name )

then this appaer on the global chat like always mine,

dont forget to change this to your name too , also u can edit colours

seta name "^0.^zT^_u^zC^0#^1-^z$h^_!^zro^2+"

this is set ur name when u do /exec to console , its not improtant u can use it
but if u dont like then dont copy to notepad

if u copy dont forget to edit to ur name !!!!!!
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How to make CFG
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