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 help in binding

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PostSubject: help in binding   Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:24 am

some people need this to bind voice messages and set the voice message in key and make hide voice on key such as attack and healme and it is the method a nd u can write the statement when u press the key it will show the voice and the statement
how u do it....

write in consle===> /bind vsay command yourstatement

example for Hi = /bind f vsay Hi WhutsUp...then it will shoe whuts up instead of Hello.

i used f but u can use any key thats not used

Heres the binding's

Im using f as a key (remeber u can use any key thats not used)

*****Type This At Consol (button above tab)******

Hello = /bind f vsay hi YourStatement

Bye = /bind f vsay bye YourStatement

Great Shot! = /bind f vsay greatshot YourStatement

Cheer! = /bind f vsay cheer YourStatement

Thank You = /bind f vsay thanks YourStatement

Your Welcome = /bind f vsay welcome YourStatement

Oops = /bind f vsay oops YourStatement

Sorry = /bind f vsay sorry YourStatement

EnemY Weak! = /bind f vsay enemyweak YourStatement

Hold Your Fire! = /bind f vsay holdfire YourStatement

Good Game = /bind f vsay goodgame YourStatement

*Remember u can only bind global chat & few others*

attack= /bind f vsay ftattack
healme= /bind f vsay fthealme
reviveme= /bind f vsay ftrevive
u can also bind words and players names just write this:
/bind f say nice kill but i will kill u [d]
after u write this and die and preess the key f u will see it and with player name
also if u killed someone and want bind it use [k] for ex
ex===> /bind f say i exploved your head [k] with my poor gun
u will see the name of player that you killed instead of [k]

and if you want bind your hp use [s] and u can use it with [k] such as ===> /bind f say i exploved your head [k] with my gun and i still have [s]
and you will see you victim player and you hp left
*you can make yourstatement in colors such as your name such as =====> /bind f vsay greatshot ^1nice ^xheadshots
you will see this when u press f ===> nice headshots [d]
*Remember u must bind these voice on differnt keys not at the same key
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help in binding
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