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 Scripting in ET

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PostSubject: Scripting in ET   Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:06 pm

Scripting in ET

So there are some Members that ask how to set binds or other things ,i made a Topic about it. Scripting is very useful. I use some of them and i like them really much but it also has some really annoying spammy scripts.Enjoy!

How to make simple Binds

In every binds it has a Key that gets binded. Some very Basic commands r say, say_team, echo, bind, vsay and more.

Basic Bind
First you type: bind key say Hello!

Through this in game you will press the chosen Key and the Message will come in Mainchat. This is a very simple and Basic bind but its also very usefull.

You can bind through the console (not recommended) or with the autoexec.cfg file.

say----- says something in mainchat
echo----- says at side ingame something but not to everybody
say_team----- says a message to team
vsay------ says voice message.


Binding through Console:

I hope everybody knows how to open console. If not, its the Key above Tab. So you type a Basic bind. Now delete this sign: § . Now to bind in the Console always write first a / . Without it the Bind wont work. So write a /bind key say Hello!!! Im in da House!

Binding through Autoexec.cfg:

So first you need to have a autoexec.cfg. So open Notepad and make a new file. Then save it as autoexec.cfg in this directory (windows): My computer --> local disk --> program Files --> Wolfenstein ET (ET folder) --> etmain


Now you can copy these Scripts into it and modify them. Good Job!

Very Useful Special Script goodies:

[a] last person who gave you ammo.
[d] last person who killed you.
[h] last person who gave you health
[k] the last person you killed
[r] the last person who revived you
[l] your current location
[n] your name
[s] your health
[w] you current weapon
[t] the total ammo of your weapon
[p] the name of the person on your cross-hair

These you can use at Binding they r very useful.

Example. Hello Script:

bind n say [n] IS IN THE HOUSE!!!


Kill script:

bind m say Haha [k] you got owned by me!!!

So try to use the [k] and so one because they are very useful!!!

Voice Binding
to bind a Voice like "fire in the hole" etc it has a command: its called vsay.

Say Vsay but say something other work like this:

bind key vsay hi CYA!!!

How to find out vsay variables:

So if you want to bind a Voice thingy you need to know how its called. So you need to have a Program like winrar that can open pk3. Open in ET folder the jaymod folder then GDC sounds or something like that. Then search and play some files till you find the sound. The name of the File is the vsay --- .


Here are Cool Binds:

//Name -Selector -Script
bind key1 "vstr tog_name"
bind key2 "vstr end_name; echo ^0[^7Name gewechselt^0]"
set tog_name" vstr tog_name_1"
set tog_name_1 "set end_name set name change this name to you liked name; echo change your name to your liked name; set tog_name vstr tog_name_2"
set tog_name_2 "set end_name set name again but other name; echo again but other name; set tog_name vstr tog_name_3"
set tog_name_3 "set end_name set name And again...; echo And again...; set tog_name vstr tog_name_4"
set tog_name_4 "set end_name set name ....................................; echo ....................................; set tog_name vstr tog_name_1"

Now press the Key1 you choose. On the left side you will see a list with names press again and see a other name. At your desired name press Key2 and your name has changed!!!


set limbo say "Text when you press limbo ;openlimbomenu
bind l vstr limbo

Press l and the Limbo will open and in the mainchat it will say the Text.


//Team Select
bind key "team r; vstr say_team_r"
bind key2 "team b; vstr say_team_b"
bind key3 "team s; vstr say_team_s"
set say_team_r "say ^1.^p#^7T^13^7am: Axis"
set say_team_b "say ^1.^p#^7T^13^7am: Allies"
set say_team_s "say ^1.^p#^7T^13^7am: Spectator"

Press key, key 2 or key 3 and you will change to that team and in mainchat it will say wich team you r in.


//Shoot and Sprint
set sprintfire1 "+sprint; +attack"
set sprintfire2 "-sprint; -attack"
bind mouse1 +vstr sprintfire1 sprintfire2

This one i don't have to say anything. Just copy it into the autoexec.cfg and then when you r playing and you shot you will automatically sprint, while you shoot. gun


//Fast Artillery Script
bind "Key" "+zoom;+attack;-attack;-zoom"

Take Fieldops and Press the chosen Key and you will zoom and make a Artillery Support.

//Spammy - Nade-Script
bind Key that your grenade is binded on " vstr gt; weaponbank 4"
set gtON "+attack;vstr grenadethON"
set gtOFF "-attack;vstr grenadethOFF; Text at Throwing da Nade ;bind mouse1 +attack"
set grenadethDefault "say_team Text2 at Timing Nade ;set grenadethON vstr nic"
set grenadethON "vstr grenadethDefault"
set grenadethOFF "set grenadethON vstr grenadethDefault"
set gt "bind mouse1 +vstr gtON gtOFF;bind 1 "weaponbank 1;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack";bind 2 "weaponbank 2;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack";bind 3 "weaponbank 3;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack";bind 5 "weaponbank 5;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack";bind 6 "weaponbank 6;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack";bind 7 "weaponbank 7;unbind mouse1;bind mouse1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
set shooton "+attack"
set shootoff "-attack"

Press the Key where the Nade is binded on (at the most people at 4) then wait and throw it and it will say first Text2 then Text1.


//Kill - Spam Script (only use when it was really ownage Very Happy )
set own vsay haha2 Text at Ownage with [k] or other things
bind Key vstr own

Press Key when you own somebody and it will say Text

hae fun!!
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Scripting in ET
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